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A user can Contact us using the below method:-

  1. Contact us through email – if you are a customer who wants to reach out to us, you can send an email to us. Once you send an email to us, we will reply to you within 24 working hours.
  2. Online Chat Support – You can visit our  website  and initiate a chat conversation with us. Most of the time, you will get an instant response.
  3. Phone Support – Please call us at our family tree help number  and get instant help from an experienced expert.

Contact us:- We, Family Tree help, are available for genealogy assistance. We provide a wide range of technician services. In addition, a user can request online and onsite support by calling us at our support number  

How Do We Support Customers?

Phone Support – As soon as someone calls regarding any issue, our expert listens to the point and helps the customer fix the problem. You can get our phone number from our website and call to get instant service.

Remote Support – We use a secure tool to connect to the customer’s computer and fix the issue. We create a safe and secure environment to help you. With remote support, you do not need to do anything. Therefore, remote support is not just convenient but also a time-saving process.

Note – We do not have a relationship with  Family Tree Maker. We are an independent company providing technical and genealogy assistance to genealogy software users; Legacy is one of the software we work on. We charge for our technician service.

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