Free Update 24.2 for FTM 2019

In this article, you will be guide through all that is new Free Update 24.2 for FTM 2019. When you are finish reading till the end you would surely be satisfy and have all your questions answer.

Free Update 24.2 for FTM 2019


You will find that this update contains some important fix and enhancement in many areas right across FTM 2019. It also includes syncing with Ancestry and FamilySearch browsing. The company has also add a new ‘Managing Relationship Tool’ it allows you to edit multiple relationship smoothly. The version 24.2 update include with it new key bug fixes and it has many feature as well as fix that had been release in the 24.1 update. Nevertheless, if you are not really familiar with what was new in the 24.1 update then you can choose to click here for more information.


The new editing tool is a set of tools that completes other long-standing functions for managing facts, historical events, sources, and repositories. And therefore it’s easier to find, for example, couples with a Marriage fact whose relationship has been mark as ‘Unknown’, you can easily bulk change all the relationships to ‘Spouse’.



  • Unknown relationships – where some trees would sync relationships from Ancestry as ‘Unknown’ now the problem is fix and just has to be typed ‘Spouse’.
  • The ‘more reliable sync with Ancestry’ option – is one of the most frequently report sync interruption errors that are fix.
  • The ‘Gray Ancestry Hints’ – This error is where some Ancestry hints appear as gray leaves in color and not green while FTM 2019 is online and should now no longer be seen.


  • FamilySearch in Web Search Workspace – these web pages can be open once again now in FTM 2019’s Web Search workspace. You should know that now a newer version of the CEF web framework has been implement that accommodates the security upgrade made by FamilySearch; this functionality has been block recently.


  • Lifespan in Index of Individual – this now displays ‘Birth/Death’ dates correctly in the ‘Index of Individual.
  • Tree Pedigree view – Here the person to whom a parent is attach remains in focus so that they are visible on the pedigree screen.


  • Export from the chart – You will now find that the ‘Descendant Chart’ export with the correct list of people when you use a ‘Smart Filter’.
  • Books – And you will also find that individual from ‘Descendant Report and LDS Ordinance Summary’ are list on the ‘Index page’ correctly. It is also present correctly in Book.


  • Color Coding performance improve in large trees – the procedure of applying color coding to larger trees also while using the ‘Smart Filters’ feature, has been optimized so that hangs and delays can be avoid. In addition, navigation along with larger color-coded trees that are in the ‘People Workspace’ section is way much faster now.
  • Smart Filters feature – here is the issue that occur when ‘Smart Filters’ with Any Date/Place/Description’ criteria would break upon while editing has been resolve. And even the performance while entering information in the ‘Fact/Date/Place’ fields for the person that is include in ‘Smart Filters has been enhance.
  • Reliability of Fin Missing Media improve – here the rare issue with certain trees was fix where the ‘Find Missing Media’ process would fail silently.
  • Reports hanging upon preparation – the issue where there were reports of small and medium size trees, hanging upon preparation has been fix.
  • Export charts o PDF more stable – the issue was fix where at times, even with small trees, the main application window would become untreatable while exporting charts.
  • Smart Stories stability improve – The issue where the application crash while creating a ‘Smart Story’ has been fix.
  • Compacting and tree size – issue resolve where the trees grew in size after they were compact.


  • No Internet Connection for Hyper user – for the users of ‘Hyper-V’ corresponding tweaks has been made so that they stop receiving the ‘No Connection’ error.



  • Unknown relationships – the problem has been fix where there were some trees that could not sync relationships from Ancestry as ‘Unknown’ just type instead ‘Spouse’.
  • More reliable sync with Ancestry – this error has been the most report sync interruption and is now resolve.
  • The issue with syncing – this area was not getting trigger when media with capital letters in file extension were present but now it’s fix.


  • Faster Smart Filters – Now entering any information in ‘The fact/Date/Place fields for persons that are include in ‘Smart Filters’ is perform without any hangs as well as interruptions.
  • Greater Stability – here there were specific issue that could have potentially cause crashes with some trees being fix in many areas of FTM.
  • Tree file size increase – now the user will not find the tree file increasing for no reason anymore.


  • PDF Thumbnail – You will now see the thumbnail for PDF files in the Media collection shown correctly.
  • Find Source Citation dialog – there was an issue with the ‘Existing Source Citation’ text not being completely visible and now has been fix.
  • Smart Story – A discard Smart Story is now no longer use for other person while inserting a ‘Smart Story’.
  • Note format preserve – an issue fix where the ‘Bold text’ format in ‘Note’ at time was lost on open a tree on Mac FTM 2019 us a Windows FTM 2019 backup.

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